For years, MG Neely Auction has provided Boca, West Palm, Boynton Beach and greater South Florida with an array of Fine Art, Paintings, Sculpture, Statues, Figurines, Bronze, Antiques, Mid Century Modern, Oriental, Asian, Crystal, China, Porcelain, Silver, Gold, Coins, Jewelry, Judaica, Collectibles, Heirlooms, Etc.  Below is an abbreviated archive of some of the great finds at Neely Auction.


Wiener WerkStatte, Austria Enamel, ornamental box, Lucite Sculpture, Victor Vasarely, modernist, mcm, Reed & Barton, Flatware, Sterling Silver,, Schonbek, Swarovski Crystal, Chandelier, da Vinci, Reuven Rubin, Romanian art, Israeli art, fine art, painting, Ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, wedding band, platinum diamond, circle cut, Philip Kelvin, Laverne Chan, Coffee Table, Occasional Table, Paul Jenkins, fine art, oil painting, modern art, Miguel Berrocal, Sculpture, metallic, Romeo & Juliet, Michael Glancy, Glassware, Bronze inlaid, sculpture, centerpieces, Marc Chagall, Monotypes, modernism, fine art, painting, John George, oil painting, fine art, 19th century art, portraits, J.N. Glogger, portrait, 19th century art, fine art, sterling silver, tea set, cartier, Antoine Louis Barye, Bronze Sculpture, Lioness, Animal sculpture, Bronze, Statue, Umbrella Stand, Blackamoor, African, Bernar Venet, modern art, modernism, painting, 20th century, Chinese tile, Qing Dynasty, Porcelain, Hand Painted, Oriental Fine Art, Qing Dynasty, Chinese Fine Art, Porcelain Tile, Persian, Lusters, Crystal, Glass, Ornamental, 19th Century, French, historical object, nautical, barometer, clock, brass, 19th century, Oil Painting, Fine Art, Portrait, French, 18th century, Zvi Shorr, Israeli art, Painting, Landscape, Lithograph, Yuri Pavlovich Annenkov, V Meyerhold, Sketch, Black and White, Portrait, Yigai Tumarkin, Israeli Art, Painting, Nature, Yaacov Heller, Lucite, Sculpture, Nude, Fine Art, Yaacov Agam, Fine Art, Serigraph, Modern, Pixels, William Bowie, Metallic Hanging, Fine Art, Industrial, CityScape, Webster, Sterling Silver, Plates, Ornamental, Taxidermy, Lion, Lioness, Vintage, Bottle Opener, Vintage, Perrier, Cartier, Sterling Silver, Bobbleheads, vintage, football, lions, chiefs, nfl, 1960s, Taxidermy, Tiger, Skull, Wall Hanging, Vintage, Indian, Vintage, Chinese, Dynastic, Ivory, Carved, Figure, Statue, lamp, victorian, desk, bracket, metallic, Pop Up Card, Angels, Cherub, Holiday Card, Vintage, Victorian, 19th century, Victor Vasarely, Sculpture, Modern, Cube, Mosaic, Tramp, Fine Art, Painting, Picture, Litho, Floral, Ladies, Pastoral, Tower Bridge, Maurice de Vlaminck, Fine Art, Painting, Nautical, Boats, Tom McLaughlin, Art Glass, VIntage, Flame, Toland, Peter Sand, Art Glass, Abstract, celestial, Tiffany, New York, Desk Lamp, Harp, Etched, Vintage, Tiffany, Iridescent, scalloped, bowl, vintage, Arthur Nash, Theodor Binyamin Ze'ev Herzl, Theodor Herzl, Bronze, bust, israel, Thai, Burmese, Silver Bowl, Hammered, Tribal, Ornamental, Spode Copeland, China, Fine Dining, Plate, Ornamental, Chariot, Horseman, Sperm Whale, Tooth, Scrimshaw, Nautical, Boats, Silvia Lieb, Pop Art, Fine Art, Painting, Newd, Pastel, silver, ornamental, Repousse, Bowl, Cobalt, Art Glass, Lalique Framce, Frosted Leaf Bowl, ash tray, crystal, Eng Tay, Malaysia, Fine Art, Women, Tribal, Painting, Shirley T Smith, Bronze, Sculpture, Lady, Tribal, Vintage, Shepard Fairey, Street Art, Banksy, Bird, insignia, lithograph, painting, Seth Thomas, Crystal, Regulator, Clock, Table, Metallic, Seth Thomas, Adamantine, Antique, Mantle Clock, marble, Moon, dreamscape, dreams, Sergio Bustamante, vintage, Selma Baris, Abstract, Marble, Sculpture, Modern, Schafer and Vater, Porcelain, tea set, alice in wonderland, SAXBO, Denmark, Scandinavian, Glazed, Pottery, Ceramic,, Vintage, Samuel Rubashkin, Soviet, Still Life, Fine Art, Painting, Salvatore Polizzi, Italian, Art Glass, Vintage, Salvador Dali, Fine Art, Painting, Surrealist, Signed, Royal Worcester, Porcelain, Pitcher, Vintage, Victorian, Floral, Royal Worcester, Porcelain, Vase, Hand, Royal Vienna, Porcelain, Classical, China, Royal Dux, Porcelain, Masks, Venetian, Classical, Figurine, Royal Dux, Bohemia, Porcelain, Art Nouveau, Figurine, Porcelain, Royal Copenhagen, Fluted, Porcelain, Lace, Tea Set, Vintage, Roxter, MCM, Mid Century, Spherical, Table Lamp, Rougier, Tulip, Flower Lamp, Modern, MCM, Mid Century, Regency, Rougler, Lucite, Lotus, Floral, Table Lamp, modern, mcm, Rococo, Dolphin, Ostrich, Egg, Garnishur, Vintage, Fabrige, Robert Motherwell, Fine Art, Modern, Abstract, Reuven Rubin, Israeli, Pastoral, Vintage, Fine Art, Landscape, Painting, Reed & Barton, silverware, Vintage, spoon, Cinnabar, Snuff Bottles, China, Dynastic, Ray Howlett, Designer, Infinity Light, Modern, Pyramid. Randahl hand, Silverware, Sterling Silver, Vintage, Qing Dynasty, Oriental, Porcelain, Tiles, Chinese, Fox, silver, figurine, leaf, dish, vintage, Pineapple, Ice Bucket, Vintage, Italian, Mauro Manetti, 70s, Pinchus Kremegne, Israeli, Fine Art, Painting, Still Life, Judaica, Pierre Le Faguays, Bronze statue, figurine, classical, Phoenix, Art Glass, Vase, Vintage, Floral, Peter Max, Painting, Fine Art, Portrait, Lady, Pop Art, Peter Max, mixed media, statue of liberty, americana, Peter Bramhall, Art Glass, Abstract, blown glass, vintage, tree, Perzinka, Bronze, Plaque, Women, Signed, Nature, Palliser, Insignia, Lounge chair, ottoman, pair, mcm, mid century, Rococo, Gilt Benches, chairs, Baroque, Oil Painting, fine art, Auto Greblier, vintage, Novel Team, Modern, Table Lamp, spherical, Nathan Wasserberger, Portrait, fine art, Kimono, Lady, Natan Isaevich Altman, Sketch, charcoal, nude, fine art, Naftali Bezem, Rabbi, Fine Art, Portrait, Judaica, Murano La Murrinia, Glass, brass, modern, lamp, 70s, Murano, Art Glass, Fish, decorative, Moishe Mokady, Israeli, girl, portrait, Judaica, fine art, Moser Bohemian, Cut Glass, Vases, Vintage, Fleur De Lit, Morris Lapidus, Modern Art, Square, spartan, Modern, Lamp, Brushed Steel, Domed Glass, Vintage, Art Deco, Miriam Haskell, jewlery, vintage, choker, necklace, broach, Mimi Semmes Dann, Art, Pottery, Floral, Bowl, Vintage, Milo Baughman, mcm, mid century, swivel, bucket, chair, Miguel Berrocal, Romeo & Juliet, Bronze, Puzzle, Sculpture, Centerpiece, modern, Verner Panton, chairs, molded, Baydur, Vitra, mcm, mid century, MCM, mid century, Philip Kelvin, Laverne Chan, Coffee Table, Michael Cutler, Kinetic, Abstract, Chrome, Sculpture, Modern, Michael O, Abstract, abstract, construct, industrial, Michael Glancy, Geometric, Glass, Bronze, Vessel, Michael David, Kit Karbler, Art Glass, Modern, Menachem Begin, Israeli, Bronze, Plaque, Historical, Messien, Porcelain, dish, plate, blue onion. server, adorned, Meiji, Bronze, Sculpture, Elephant, Tigers, Japanese, Vintage, 19th century, McGruie, Furniture, Coffee Table, Glass Top, Bamboo, Max LeVerrier, Art Deco, Bronze, Sculpture, Figurine, Metropolis, Marx, Tin, Toy, Tractor, Wind Up, Vintage, Green, Marina Tsvetaeva, Russian, Sketch, Portrait, fine art, Marcel Janco, Israeli, animals, Judaica, mosaic, Marc Chagall, Signed, Lithograph, fine art, portrait, mythical, Marc Chagall, Monotype, modern, modernist, fine art, print, Maitland Smith, Wrought Iron, lamp, table, bird, vintage, Maitland Smith, Tortoise Shell, Brass, Wood, Box, Decorative, Snuff, Lucite, Ice Bucket, Tongs, Bar Set, 80s, Louis Vuitton, handbag, Mahina, designer, purse, Louis Orr, Architectural, Oil Painting, Fine Art, Industrial, Louis Icart Drypoint, Etching, Female, Portrait, Flapper, 1920s, Loredano Rosin, Italian, Art Glass, Vintage, Liadro, Porcelain, Figurine, Sculpture, Thai, Limoges, Porcelain, Coffee, Tea Set, bunnies, gold rimmed, Limoges, Painted, Porcelain, Platter, place setting, birds, grassland, Licio Zanetti Murano, Horse, Sculpture, decor, Leonard M. Nierman, Bronze, Modern, Sculpture, Anchor, Leonard M. Nierman, Signed, Fireworkds, painting, fine art, Lee & Wigfield Sheffield, Flatware, place setting, vintage, Leblanc, Barbedienne, Bronze, sculpture, tramp, clown, Vintage, Laurel Yourkowski, Dichronic, Glass, Wall Sculpture, Modern, Neon, Antique, Cuckoo, Clock, Vintage, Gothic, Lalique, Art Deco, Arums, Leaf Crystal, Bowl, Scalloped, Kari Springer, Maitland Smith, arch, target, layered, Kari Springer, Lacquered, Goat Skin, Coffee Table, Molded, Curved, Kalinger Jan M, Karl Lagerfeld, jewlery, vintage, tribal, earrings, Jules Moigniez, Bronze, Scuplture, Buck, Deer, woodlands, Joseph Meerbott, Horse, Sculpture, Modern, Modernist, Picasso, Knight, Jorge Luis Cuevas, Bronze, Statue, Figurine, statuette, woman, tribal, mexican, John Widdicomb, Credenza, Cabinet, mcm, mid century, Dale Ford, John George Brown, vintage, oil painting, fine art, portrait, classical, Jim Sutter, 11 Friends, Bronze, Brass, Sculpture, Figures, Modern, Japanese ,Netsuke, figurine, statue, statuette, samurai, Jaeger, Le Coultre, Atmos, Clock, desk, table, metallic, mcm, J Wade beam, Brueton, mcm, modern, chrome, statuette, J Rizzi, paper art, cityscape, metropolis, fine art, Italian, horses, Majolica, statuette, classical, Israel Szmuel Szmul, fine art, painting, judaica, rabbi, Irwin Estelle Laverne, Modern, mcm, lucite, chair, bucket, Inuit, tribal, walrus, ivory, tusk, scrimshaw, Indian, Temple, Stone, Carved, Antique, Tribal, Frieze, JMR, NY, New York, Fine Art, Impressionist, painting, cityscape, Russian, Imperial, Ram, Figurine, vintage, Igor Pantuhoff, nude, fine art, portrait, lady, Herend, Porcelain, Gorilla, Fishnet, 80s, vintage, Hans Wegner, Wishbone, Carl Hansen, mcm, modern, vintage, Gustavo Foppiani, Italian, fine art, painting, board, carriage, birds, mythical, Gustave Hierholtz, Bronze, Figurine, Elephant, Indian, Vintage, Guilloche, Enamel, Silver, Smoking Set, Zippo, Cigarette Holder, vintage, Greg Copeland, Modern, Art, Spheres, Geometric, Modern, Grant Miller, Prismatic, Art Glass, Vintage, Gori, French, Bronze, Bust, Marble, Woman, Classical,, sculpture Gorham, Aesthetics, Bronze, Copper, Tray, Tree, Landscape, Vintage, Giuseppe Armani, Porcelain, Figure, Lady, flower, Gino Vistosi Munega, Murano Glass, Table, Lamp, Vintage, George Kovacs, Chrome, mcm, mid century, lamp, cylinder, George Coudray, Art Nouveau, Sculpture, Bust, Lady, Classical, Gavina Bruer, chair, cantilever, knoll, cane, mcm, mid century, Gaetano Scloari, Cubic, Lightoiler, Chandeleir, vintage, French Art, Nouveau, Baccarat, Crystal, Vase, Frederick Prescott, 3D, Kinetic, Cityscape, sculpture, mixed media, Folk Art, Jack B Beverland, Pastoral, horse, carriage, F.P. de Tavera, Bronze, figurine, boy, newsy, vintage, European, Engraved, Ivory, Frame, Classical, Eskimo, Walrus, Carving, Tribal, Serpentine, Stone, Vintage, Inuit, Enrique Garcia, Vintage, Bone, Furniture, pedestal, modern, art deco, Emmanuel Villanis, Bronze, Bust, Sculpture, Renaissance, Ello Raffaeli, Murano Art Glass, Vintage, Sculpture, Edna Hibel, Oil Painting, Fine Art, portrait, classical, girl, Charles Eames, furniture, lounge chair, molded wood, mcm, mid century, ottoman, vintage, Don Freeman, Lithograph, Theater, 20th century, painting, Curtis Jere, Golden Gate Bridge, Sculpture, Wall Art, Vintage, SF, San Francisco, Corrado Cagli, Italian, fine art, painting, portrait, sailor, Claude Gaveau, French, Jardin, Beau, Canvas, fine art, landscape, Claude Gaveau, French, Jardin, Beau, Canvas, fine art, landscape, Christofle, Silver, Butter knife, knives, vintage, Chinese, Rose, Bowl, ornamental, vintage, dragon, Chinese, Qinq Dynasty, Antique, horse, sculpture, soldier, Chinese, Cloisonne, Ginger Jar, Vase, vintage, Antique, Charles Levier, Oil Painting, Cavnas, Alley, French, village, Charles Cobelle, Ink, Sketch, Paper, colored, fine art, Charles & Ray Eames, Bucket Chair, Rocking Chair, mcm, furniture, mid century, vintage, Chaim Gross, Bronze, Bust, Sculpture, Antique, Cenedese, Murano, Art Glass, Italian, blown glass, vintage, Castelli Plana, Italian, Table, Modern, Furniture, mcm, Cartier, Crystal, Decanter, vintage, designer, Carlos Kunte, Modernist, Modern, Painting, Impressionist, Vintage, Cantagalli, Italian, Falence, Pottery, vintage, Camer Glass, Chrome, Geometric, Chandelier, Modern, Custom, fixture, C. Antonsen, Danish Modern, Sterling Silver, Soup, Spoon, Vintage, Brueton, Chair, mcm, modern, cantilever, chrome, vintage, Bruce Helander, American, Collage, abstract, fine art, Bradley & Hubbard Aesthetics, Bronze, Vintage, Lamp, Bohemian, Opaline, Jar, oranemtal, vintage, Black Starr & Gorham, Sterling Silver, flatware, silverware, spoons, forks, knife, vintage, Bill Mack, Sand Sculpture, fine art, tibet, bonded, mythic, Bernar Venet, Two Indeterminate Lines, abstract, fine art, vintage, Bergman, Austrian, Geschutzt, Vienna, Bronze, Basket, Birds, Weave, Bauer, Table, Lamps, Metallic, mcm, mid century, Barbini, Murano, Spherical Vase, Oggetti, modern, Barbedienne Founduer, Foundry, statue, figurine, renaissance, Baker Consol, Table, mcm, mid century, chrome, glass top, Baccarat, Italian Glass, Crystal, Lion, vinage, Authentic, Vintage, Gucci, satchel, leather, backpack, Arthur Court, Aluminium, Tureen, metallic, silver, Art Nouveau, Starling Silver, Etching, Art Glass, Stein, Art Nouveau, Portrait, Painting, floral, gilded frame, vintage, Art Deco, green crystal, lamp, glass, sphere, nudes, celestial, metropolis, Arrben, Italian, chair, mcm, mid century, folding, vintage, designer, Armondo Amaya, bronze, nude, figurine, lady, Arman Arman, Brass, Sculpture, violin, viola, instrument, fine art, Archimede, Art Glass, Seguso, Murano, Italian, Sculpture, birds, Archimede, Seguso, Blue, Ribs, Clear Bowl, Art Glass, Italian, Andy Warhol, Howdy Doody, Americana, art, 50s, Anatole J Guillot, Bronze, Sculpture, Figurine, aristocrat, prince, renaissance, Alexander Dionne, Baby Dolls, Quintuplet, vintage, Aharon Bezalel Shepards, Sculpture, abstract, cowboy, modern, Vintage, Modern, Chrome, Floor Lamp, bulbs, spectrum, 19th century, French, Empire, Dore, Bronze, Figurine, Tazza, Classical 19th Century, French, Brass, Nautical, Clock, Two-sided, anchor, barometer, 19th Century, Vienna, Bronze, Miniature, Cold painted, master, craftsman, shoemaker, 19th Century, Painting, J N Glogger, portrait, girl, 19th Century, oil painting, fine arts, fiddler, bard, portrait, 19th Century, Japanese, Satsuma, Bowl, ornamental, vintage, 19th Century, Art, fine art, primitive, oil, portrait, girl, 19th Century, Sterling, Repousse, Crystal, Decanter, vintage, 19th Century, Limoges, Plague, Painting, Portrait, military, french, 18th Century, Signed, Persian, Vase, Antiques, tribal, Iran, MGNeely,, auction gallery, appraisal, appraiser, estate, liquidator, consignment, buyer, art, antiques MGNeely,, auction gallery, appraisal, appraiser, estate, liquidator, consignment, buyer, art, antiques MGNeely,, auction gallery, appraisal, appraiser, estate, liquidator, consignment, buyer, art, antiques aug 16 aug 16 march16 2001 May22-2011 august14 oct16 nov27 jan15 feb19 may20 july22 sept23 nov18 jan13 march17 june23 sept22 jan5 march9 march9 march30 may18 june8 aug17 nov16 jan18 may17 24338812_1_l IMG_3217 MGNeely,, auction gallery, appraisal, appraiser, estate, liquidator, consignment, buyer, art, antiques 104 MG-home-slider3b MG-home-slider3 MG-home-slider-2b MG-home-slider-2 8769166_2_l 9100274_2_l 9563714_1_l 9963194_1_x 10298340_1_x 10601870_1_x 10841584_1_x 11549082_1_x 12006563_1_x fi35 13732152_1_x 14994290_1_x 16097036_1_x 18098576_1_x 19849140_1_x 22740536_1_x 24338754_1_x 24924454_1_x 26369100_1_x 26886750_1_x 28594664_1_x 31366821_1_x 39844286_1_x 36358061_1_xWiener WerkStatte, Austria Enamel, ornamental box,